/ / The Museum of the Alpilles: photo description (Musee des Alpilles)

The Museum of the Alpilles: photo description (Musee des Alpilles)

The Museum of Alpilles in Saint-Remy-de-Provence local history and on the history, nature and local traditions. The Museum exposition consists of four sections, each of which presents archaeological, ethnographic, natural science collections, and a collection of graphics and photos.

The Museum was opened in 1919, was its founder Pierre de Brun, whose picture is also presented here. The Museum occupies one of the city's Renaissance mansions. The mansion known as "House Mistral de Mondragon", it has a cozy patio, which was a bust of van Gogh by sculptor Zadkine. Since 1862, the mansion is a historical monument. In the beginning of this century the Museum has undergone restoration and has opened a new exhibit dedicated to the trees of Provence.

In this Museum you can also see some paintings of Vincent van Gogh, a period of life which was connected with Saint-Remy-de-proven and the neighboring town of Arles. During the year the artist lived and were treated in the monastery of Saint-Paul-de-Mussel on the outskirts of Saint-rémy-de-Provence, the walls of which raspologaetsya clinic for the mentally ill.

Some of the exhibits are connected with another famous resident who was born in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, a famous soothsayer Michel Nostradamus.

In the Museum of the Alpilles, by the way, is named after the mountain range, is also presented Provencal folklore, attributes, local events, tools and products of traditional Provencal crafts.

With a visit to the Museum of the Alpilles recommend to start the acquaintance with the Provence and Saint-Remy. The Museum is located in the historical part of the city, in the square Favier.