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Museum Arlaten: photos, description (Museon Arlaten)

To experience the life and lifestyle of Provence is worth visiting the ethnographic Museum Arlaten. The history of this Museum is quite unusual - it was founded by the poet Frederic Mistral, Nobel laureate, who sent all of their reward money to the Museum.

The Museum was founded by the poet on own funds in 1899. Frederic Mistral became famous as a poet, writing in the Provencal dialect, a mixture of Spanish and French. He was born not even in Arles, and the Mayan - another Provencal town, where he spent most of his life and was buried there. Frederic Mistral was the head of literary Association of provençal poets who called themselves felibrige, and their Union, respectively, called "Felibrige". Advocating for the preservation of provençal language and culture, he, nevertheless, opposed the bloodthirsty local traditions, even the old bull - runs.

In 1904, Frederic Mistral at the age of 74 years, he became a Nobel laureate. Two years later he entered into with the city of Arles, the agreement on the relocation of the Museum in the Palace Laval-Castellane on Republic street, where the Museum is located nowadays. This mansion, built in the XVI century, is a national historic landmark.

The basis of the collection of the Museum also laid Frederic Mistral, handing to storage the samples Provencal flora, archaeological finds and a collection of minerals. Today the Museum contains exhibits that help to make the idea of a traditional provençal costume, local crafts, folklore, way of life of Provence in the XIX - early XX century. Here you can see the cradles and fabric work by local weavers, oil lamps and cooking utensils and many other items.