/ / Army Museum: photos, description (Musee de l'armee)

Army Museum: photos, description (Musee de l'armee)

The army Museum, opened in 1905, is located in the Invalides, which was built by Louis XIV for disabled war. The Museum is a completely independent congregation with a rich collection, worthy of special attention.

The exposition of the Museum devoted to the history of military art from ancient times to the Second world war. His collection of ancient weapons - the third in the world (after Vienna and Madrid): from the Paleolithic to the stones of the parade armor of Henry II and Louis XIV. Here are the weapons of the East: the Ottoman Empire, Persia, India, China and Japan.

Sections of the Museum you can see how century after century, improved European military art. Here is the uniform of the French army, which first appeared in 1680. But first the standard weapon - the gun 1717. The reforms of Louis XVI's emphasis on technological progress of the armed forces, their professionalism. So educated the future soldiers of the French revolution.

Naturally, great attention is paid to the exhibition Napoleon and his campaigns. In the Museum you can see the hat of the Emperor, his Hiking coat, his sword. Detailed coverage of the two world wars of the next century, and the Museum displays the uniforms of all armies then fought (including Russian and Soviet).

Highly representative section of artillery outside the building of Les Invalides under the open sky is located about 800 of these guns from different eras. In addition, the Museum exhibits over 1000 models of guns, the oldest of them belong to the XVI century.

The interiors of the Museum is decorated with a huge number of French flags of different ages and trophy banners of the XIX - XX centuries, from Austerlitz to Indochina. In the section of fine arts contains about 200000 items - drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs. Of particular interest are the sketches of the artists, which the Museum sent to the fronts of the First world war.

Finally, in the Museum - about 150,000 toy soldiers of all times: tin, lead, cardboard.