/ / The Bartholdi Museum: photos, description (Musee Bartholdi)

The Bartholdi Museum: photos, description (Musee Bartholdi)

Architect and sculptor frédéric Auguste Bartholdi is one of the most famous natives of Colmar. Perhaps the most famous of his works is the statue of Liberty in new York. In Colmar installed its 12-metre high replica, as well as other statues and monuments of the work of Bartholdi. Among them the monument to General RAPP, one of the first works), and scholar Gustave Adolf Hernu, the statue of the painter Martin Schongauer, the figure of a boy gardener, installed on a corner of the city covered market. During his life Bartholdi created the monument 35, quite a significant part of them can be seen in his native land. Reduced the statue of Liberty welcomes guests with Colmar at the entrance to the city from the Strasbourg.

In Colmar also preserved the house where the family lived Bartholdy, before moving to Paris. It is located on Calle Marchand. The mansion was built in the era of Renaissance in the XVIII century it was reconstructed, and in the following century, the appearance of the house changed himself Bartholdi returned to Colmar. Since 1922, this building is a Museum dedicated to the life and work of the sculptor. He is considered one of the most popular in Colmar.

Among the preserved exhibits are personal belongings of the sculptor, documents, sketches and photos of his work. On the ground floor presents sketches, models and drawings of those monuments that Bartholdi created for Colmar. The exposition on the second floor recreates the atmosphere of the apartment masters in Paris, here is the library of the sculptor. In the halls of the third floor presents the process of creating the statue of Liberty, set in new York. In the courtyard of the residence is the sculptural composition "the Great foundations of the world" is one of the last created by Bartholdi. This composition was first introduced in 1902 in Paris. As the foundations of peace, the sculptor represented the Justice, Patriotism and Freedom. Embody these figures support the globe.