/ / The Museum of Brittany: photos, description Musee de Bretagne)

The Museum of Brittany: photos, description Musee de Bretagne)

In 1975, existed in Rennes, the Museum was divided into two cultural institutions - the Museum of fine arts and the Museum of Brittany. The first is now located in the building previously belonged to the University, built in the mid-nineteenth century by the architect Vincent Bulle. In the collection of the Museum contains canvases of outstanding painters - Peter Paul Rubens, Paolo Veronese, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, Pablo Picasso and other great artists.

The Museum of Brittany, located in the building of a huge (area of 24 thousand sq. meters) cultural center sham-LiBr. It was built at the beginning of the XXI century architect Christian Parampara. Together with the Museum in this building also has a planetarium, a library and research center. The building is located in the southern part of the city and is an example of modern architecture built mainly of glass and concrete.

The core of the Museum of Brittany built the items from the private collection of Christophe-Paul de Robien that in the first half of the eighteenth century was the head of the Breton Parliament, and was known as a writer.

Permanent exhibition of the Museum dedicated to the history of Brittany - the region is represented here in a variety of ages, starting from prehistory and ending with the events of this century. In a separate room contains works depicting cities and landscapes of Brittany. Part of the exhibition is devoted to the so-called "Dreyfus affair" - French officer Alfred Dreyfus convicted at the end of the XIX century in spying for Germany. The case has caused a wide public resonance, and unjustly accused officer was acquitted.