/ / The fan Museum: photos, description (Le musee de l eventail)

The fan Museum: photos, description (Le musee de l eventail)

The fan Museum little known to tourists. He doesn't have flashy signage, just a nondescript sign at the entrance to closed to unauthorized access. Meanwhile, the unusual Museum is very interesting.

He created at the workshop of Anna Aage fabrication and restoration fans. The family business began in 1872, when the ancestor of Anna Joseph Aage opened his Atelier. Since then the family tradition has not been interrupted. Of course, gone are the days when each ladies used fans on all occasions, and we had to constantly repair them or buy new ones, but a workshop and now is not. Fans need to theatre, Opera performances, filmings, they are often ordered by the fashion house for the fashion shows of new collections. Anna Aage, the only specialist in France, come to the internship students, collectors give for the restoration of Antiques. Interest in the subject is, and that's why in 1993, Anna has created in his Studio Museum.

It is small - only two rooms in the apartment. One presents the process of making fans: workbenches, special tools, raw materials for the base - pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell, wood. To make the fan difficult to run two wizards: one makes the frame, the second secures silk, satin, paper, taffeta or organza depending on the design.

The second room retains the style of the era of Henry II: an antique fireplace, furniture of a walnut coffered ceiling, chandeliers with crowns, walls covered with blue cloth embroidered in gold thread with lilies. It exhibits the best examples from the collection of the ESO. The Museum has about a thousand beautiful fans of the XVIII, XX centuries HHI - folding and no, with lace, feathers, sequins, painted with scenes from the life of angels, mythological scenes, landscapes in different styles. Each of the fan - its name and history, each a work of art. You admire these symbols of the old life.