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Wine Museum: photo description (Musee du Vin)

In France, there may not be a wine Museum! The Paris Museum telling about the history of winemaking, was created specifically to maintain the traditions and quality standards.

There is a Museum in the vaulted cellars that were once the underground gallery of the Franciscan monastery. In the XV century the Abbey was surrounded by Passy down to the Seine terraces, on which grow orchards and vineyards. The monks under the monastery discovered the old quarry left after the extraction of limestone in earlier times, and turned them into cellars for wine storage. Say, Louis III loved after hunting in the Bois de Boulogne to go to the Abbey of Passy and drink the local red wine.

During the French revolution, the monastery was looted and destroyed. Only in the XX century thought about these cellars, and opened to them a Museum.

In the basement more than a kilometer long display about 2000 objects: instruments of labour winemakers (many of them are no longer used), an impressive collection of barrels, bottles and labels for them, corkscrews, ceramic vessels, glasses. Wax figures depict Bacchus, Dionysus, known to wine connoisseurs Napoleon, Balzac, Louis XIII, as well as those of the monks at work - at different stages of production. The tour price includes a glass of wine (for kids - grape juice).

Here, in a restaurant, you can enjoy tasting of vintage wines, sommelier training, thematic evenings.

The Museum belongs to the "Council of the French Cup-bearers" - organizations established in 1954 to protect and promote the best of French wines. The Council consists of several thousand professionals and wine lovers who don't just possess the knowledge and experience of winemakers of the past centuries, but also organize many events in France and abroad.