/ / Mining Museum: photos, description (Musee de la mine de Saint-Etienne)

Mining Museum: photos, description (Musee de la mine de Saint-Etienne)

In the city of Saint-étienne many of the attractions are related to its coal industry and gun in the past. Even the art Museum here dedicated to industrial design. It houses a large collection of weapons, as Saint-étienne a long time developing his production, since the sixteenth century. During the great French revolution, the city was even renamed to Farmville ("Arms town"). By the XVIII century the city became one of the main suppliers of webbing, and then became a major coal mining center. The development of mining happened here in the early nineteenth century with the advent of the Railways.

Almost in the centre of Saint-Etienne, it is possible to detect the mining Museum (or Museum of mines). It was created in a former coal mine, KURO, which was closed in 1973, the last in the city. The Museum was opened in its premises in 1989. Its visitors, in addition to the inspection of the usual exhibits that represent the equipment and tools of the miners, I propose to go underground and to see firsthand the difficult working conditions in which the coal was mined by local miners. The Museum also presents land area coal mine complex. Their facilities were reconstructed and today visitors can see the room lights, which the miners descended into the earth, the machinery of which was driven lifts of the mine, as well as shower rooms and other working spaces.

Currently the Museum halls also serve as a venue for cultural events such as film festivals. Despite the fact that the mines in Saint-étienne long been closed in the town there are still educational institutions which train miners and engineers.