/ / The Dali Museum in Beaune: photo description (Musee Dali de Beaune)

The Dali Museum in Beaune: photo description (Musee Dali de Beaune)

The area of the Salvador Dali Museum in Beaune is very small - only about three hundred square meters. However, this small space there is an extremely high concentration of works in the spirit of surrealism. Its official name is Le Dalineum.

Many of the exhibits are the articles of a private collection of works by Salvador Dali, which the founder of the Museum collected more than 30 years. The owner of the Museum often acts as a tour guide and can tell visitors a lot of interesting facts about the life and work of the painter, including to spend them in the nuances of the original and unique equipment Given.

In the Museum you can see famous paintings, drawings, engravings, lithographs and sculptures made by the genius hand. In the shop at the Museum you can buy not only Souvenirs, but also genuine work of the artist, certified by an appropriate certificate.

The Dali Museum in Beaune is located in the area of the square Monge. Reference point can be the clock tower, near which it is located. The tower is one of the most popular local attractions, it was built in XII-XIV centuries, including funds received from the levy of tax on salt.

Near the entrance to the Dali Museum can see the retro car of red color which performs the function of the announcement posts and decorated with posters with images of the artist.

In the world there are several museums dedicated to the works of Salvador Dali. One of them is in Paris, two in Spain, in the towns of Pubol and Figueres and one in the U.S. city of Saint Petersburg. It is worth noting that the wizard can boast of one more French city of Perpignan, where Salvador Dali painted the walls of the old station, declaring it the center of the Universe. In addition, in Perpignan the Rigaud Museum contains his picture.