/ / Natural history Museum: photo description (Musee d'histoire naturelle de Lille)

Natural history Museum: photo description (Musee d'histoire naturelle de Lille)

Natural history Museum - one of the many museums in the French city of Lille, located in the North of the country in the region Nord at the border with Belgium. Lille is the center of the textile industry in France, and its population including all suburbs exceeds one million people.

Museum of natural history was founded in 1822. It presents a variety of collections, devoted to botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, Geology and Ethnography. But more recently, there was constantly held a new exhibition, formerly known as "the History of science and technology." It just talks about the development of industry in the city of Lille. There are only about half a million exhibits.

The Museum was established thanks to the activities of University professors. Originally it consisted of only one collection of the Zoological and housed in another building. In a modern building, he moved only in 1902, then came here and an exhibition on Geology. The last two expositions was established already in the nineties of the XX century.

The Department of Geology consists of two sections: the first presents the fossils and fossils Dating back 300 million years, that is, witnesses of the age of dinosaurs. While in the second gallery focuses on the most only the development of the Earth over 600 million years ago.
Rooms devoted to Zoology, consist of dioramas showing life in the Arctic circle and skeletons of large European birds and mammals. And in one of these areas-even alcoholized animals. Another section of this division is reserved for the insectarium - it tells about all insects and arachnids that inhabit the region.

It should be noted that the following Department of Ethnography - dedicated to the cultural traditions of the inhabitants, not only in Europe but also other continents. Many artifacts belong to the natives of the Hawaiian Islands.