/ / The Jacquemart-andré Museum: photos, description (Musee Jacquemart-Andre)

The Jacquemart-andré Museum: photos, description (Musee Jacquemart-Andre)

The Jacquemart-andré Museum is located to the North of the Place'etoile (Star Square), on the Boulevard Haussmann. Know about a Museum in Russia a little, and pity: for the richness of the art collection of the Jacquemart-andré is right after the Louvre.

The Museum is located in a magnificent mansion, built in 1875 by Edouard Andre, the representative of a wealthy banking family and an avid collector of works of art. Some time later, the collector ordered his own portrait to the young artist Cornelia meeting the session of posing was over the wedding. It was a happy marriage, which combines not only a loving heart, but sophisticated tastes. Andre was a collector of French painting XVII-XVIII centuries, Cornelia (or, as it was called, Nelly), loved painting of the Renaissance and the works of naive artists.

Children of the couple were not. The couple traveled extensively in Italy, continuously adding to the collection. In the mansion on the Boulevard Haussmann, there were two paintings of Botticelli, frescoes by Tiepolo. Did not remain without attention and French art: the works of Fragonard, Boucher, Chardin.

In 1894 Nelly Jacquemart was widowed. However, continued the work of her husband, constantly adding to the collection, which even made the journey to the East. In 1912, on her deathbed, she bequeathed the results of many years of work in Paris. In 1913 private collection of the family'orsay opened to the public.

The collection is located in the family mansion Jacquemart-Andre, which in itself is a huge exhibit of a bygone era. The luxurious interiors of the house and show good taste of owners. Even turned into a Museum, the mansion remains a family nest - wandering it easier to imagine the life of Paris of the late XIX century, which was described by Flaubert and Maupassant.

Paintings and objects of applied art skilfully placed in real interiors. The apartments for receptions, you can see paintings by French artists of the XVIII century, in the music room - French sculpture of the same century, in the bedroom - the furniture of Louis XIV.

The Museum carefully keeps the atmosphere of a rich family nest. Even a cafe for visitors is a stylish tea lounge, which is located in the former dining room. Delicate Parisian cookies, fine teas, gilded furniture. And frescoes by Tiepolo on the ceiling.