/ / The Jean Cocteau Museum: photos, description (Musee Jean-Cocteau)

The Jean Cocteau Museum: photos, description (Musee Jean-Cocteau)

The new building of the Museum Jean Cocteau in Menton opened in November 2011. Prior to this, the Museum preserves the heritage of the famous French artist, a man of several talents, located in Fort of the XVII century, standing in the port.

The building of the new Museum was designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti in the style of minimalism, its unusual appearance triggers a variety of associations - with a piece of ice, coral, marine animals. The appearance of the building combines a dark glass and white columns of irregular shape, turning into a flat roof of the building.

The initiator of creation of the new Museum Jean Cocteau made a big fan of his work Severin Bonderman - American of Belgian origin, a businessman. Since 18 years and throughout life, Wunderman collected works of Cocteau. The first Museum devoted to the work of Cocteau, he founded in the 80s in California, but then he decided to open a Museum in the place where he visited her.

The artist visited Menton several times in my life - to participate in a music festival and for the selection of paintings in the creation of a Museum at Fort Bastion. By the way, the Museum is not the only one in Menton, a place where you can see his work. In 1957, Jean Cocteau painted a wedding Hall, located in city hall, where they are available for inspection to everyone, not just newlyweds.

Séverin Wunderman donated to the Museum in Menton 1800 works, of which about one half are the work of Cocteau, and the second picture of his friends Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani and others. Part of the exhibition dedicated to the actress Sarah Bernhardt. Collector and admirer of the talent of Jean Cocteau's never met his idol and, more sadly, did not live up to the opening of his Museum.