/ / The Museum of Jean-Jacques Rousseau Le Sharmet: photos, description (Les Charmettes)

The Museum of Jean-Jacques Rousseau Le Sharmet: photos, description (Les Charmettes)

The famous French writer and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva and died in Paris, but in Chambery, he spent several years in the company of his patroness Madame de Varan. First encounter with her took place when the young Jean-Jacques, who left his native Geneva, addressed to Madame françoise Louise de Varan a letter to the local priest, who asked her to participate in the fate of a young man and help him to accept the Catholic faith.

Under the patronage of Madame de Varan the young man was admitted to the convent in Turin, but after a short training from it were released. Second meeting with Madame de Varan took place after Rousseau, without being a lackey in the house of one noble Lord, escaped. Madame de Varan took over him greater protection - made her lover, taught social graces, gave to the Seminary, and then to learn to play the organ. This lesson Jean-Jacques also scored and ran back to Madame de Varan, only now it was looking a few years all over Switzerland. In 1732 he again found refuge in her house, however, Madam was already by that time another young ward, who died soon after.

In Chambery Madame de Varan, Jean-Jacques and a new favorite settled only in the late 30-ies of the XVIII century. Madame de Varan rented a Villa here Le Charmet, where Rousseau spent about ten years, and the entire history of uneasy relations with Madame described in the book "Confession".

Villa Le Charmet was located only a few kilometers from the city. In the early twentieth century, the mansion was declared an historical monument and now it is a Museum dedicated to French thinker. The mansion is surrounded by a garden in which Rousseau worked in the home furnishings of the XVIII century.