/ / The toy Museum: photos, description (Musee du Jouet et du Petit Train)

The toy Museum: photos, description (Musee du Jouet et du Petit Train)

The toy Museum in Colmar is the place which will be interesting for both young and adult travelers. It contains several thousands of different toys. It is known that in the beginning the Museum's collection consisted of 1,500 exhibits. The Museum opened in 1993, imagine how in 20 years has increased its collection.

In Colmar, the Museum is housed in the former cinema building, standing on the street in Vauban. To open such a Museum, the city authorities bought polutoratysyachnogo collection from Georges Trinco who collected toy trains, dolls, Teddy bears and other toys made in the XIX century.
At the entrance you can see Cinderella's carriage, drawn by four horses. This carriage and the Cinderella was created specifically for the world exhibition of 1937 held in Paris, France.

On the ground floor are usually fine for temporary exhibitions - for example, exposure of a well-known toy brand, or a thematic exhibition. There are also mechanical toys, rocking horse.

The second floor of the Museum is the realm of dolls, among which there are real antique samples, not only from France but also from other countries of Europe. In addition, on this floor presented and Dollhouse accessories - miniature kitchen utensils, furniture, clothing and much more. Among the most valuable exhibits can be called a collection of puppets made in the XVIII century. A separate stand is devoted to the world's most famous doll - Barbie, another separate exhibition presents miniature models of fire equipment.

Third floor can be called a huge train depot for toy trains in total, there are about a hundred. The rails are laid on the toy the landscapes and pass through tunnels in the mountains, and trains arrive to a toy station. In the Museum you can also see designers LEGO, army soft animals, Board games, a lot of planes, watch a puppet show.