/ / Museum of fine arts La Coil: photos, description (Musee de la Cohue)

Museum of fine arts La Coil: photos, description (Musee de la Cohue)

Museum of fine arts La Koil is one of the many museums in the French city of van, located in the French Department of Morbihan in Western Brittany. It was founded in the time of Julius Caesar, that is, more than two thousand years ago. Apart from the preserved ancient city walls and impressive part of the medieval old town, the settlement also places on the beach and amusement parks.

Museum La Coil set in timber-framed building, the oldest part Dating back to the XIII century. This name comes from the Breton language. The building had two strategically important functions: on the ground floor were shops of artisans, and on the upper floors is located the Palace of justice, which hosted the meeting of the Breton Parliament. After the French revolution moved in the theater, and only in 1982 was opened the Museum of fine arts. The house has undergone two major reorganizations in the XIV and XIX centuries, but has retained its authentic appearance.

The Museum is located in the heart of the Old town, situated opposite the Cathedral of St. Peter. The old building that houses the Museum, in 1929 received the status of monument of history and culture of France.

The Museum collection mainly consists of works by French artists of the XIX century, masterpieces of Eugene Delacroix and Claude Monet. Also exposed medieval wooden sculptures of XIV-XVI centuries, jewelry, antique furniture, objects of fine art of the XVIII centuries and the series of engravings of the XIX-XX centuries. The Museum hosts many temporary exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art.