/ / Fine arts Museum of La Rochelle: photo description (Musee des beaux-arts de La Rochelle)

Fine arts Museum of La Rochelle: photo description (Musee des beaux-arts de La Rochelle)

Museum of fine arts of La Rochelle since 1844 is housed in a mansion that was built in the XVII century. Previously, he was the Episcopal residence and even for some time placed in the walls of the library. It is located in a only second floor, but, nevertheless, has a large collection of European painting over five centuries, and a collection of paintings of artists of Aquitaine and of course La Rochelle. On the ground floor there is a gallery, which hosts exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Museum's collection covers the period from XV to XX century. Among the famous artists in the Parisian Camille Corot (XIX century) - representative of romanticism, which influence on the Impressionists, which, in turn, influenced the work Paul Signac, whose works are also kept in the Museum of La Rochelle.

Here you can see paintings of Theodore, Sassari, natives of La Rochelle, William Bouguereau and Eugen Fromentine. The latter was known as the author of the romantic scenery, and as the author of the novel "Dominique" and travel notes, written at the end of the travels in Africa. William Bouguereau in his time was represented by the academic direction and preferred biblical and mythological subjects. Both artists - Bouguereau, and Fromantin - traveled around the world and lived in the French capital, but they died where born in La Rochelle.

The Museum's collection is so personable, which allows us to trace the history of the development of fine art over the past five centuries.

In La Rochelle Museum of fine arts is situated on the street Gargallo, near the city hall and the Museum of the New world.