/ / Fine arts Museum of Mulhouse: photo description (Musee des beaux-arts de Mulhouse)

Fine arts Museum of Mulhouse: photo description (Musee des beaux-arts de Mulhouse)

The fine arts Museum of Mulhouse one can find paintings by artists of the medieval era and our contemporaries. The earliest works stored in this Museum date back to the XV century.

The Museum is located in the mansion known as "Villa Steinbach". The building was built in the years 1780-1788 on the site of the former monastic lands were purchased by a single manufacturer. The mansion in the early XIX century was considered one of the most beautiful in Mulhouse, and today he is recognized as one of the oldest buildings in the city. The owner of the mansion in the nineteenth century was George Steinbach. Museum of fine arts, opened in 1864, settled in the Villa Steinbach just 50 years ago, and before that were located in other buildings.

One floor of the Museum devoted to changing exhibitions of contemporary artists, some works, mainly sculpture and installation, often exhibited in the streets of Mulhouse. In other halls of the Museum presents paintings of artists of XV-XIX centuries, among which the most valuable is called a work by Pieter Brueghel the younger "Skating".

One of the rooms reserved for the works of Jean-Jacques Ennera, a representative of the academic areas, who lived in the late XIX - early XX century. It is a native of Alsace, who lived a long time in Italy and their talent has achieved fame recognized master of painting. His work is dedicated to one of the Paris museums that have national status, and bearing the name of Ennera.

Also in the Museum you can see paintings painted by Gericault, Brion, Vencera, other artists, paintings by regional artists, prints and sculpture.