/ / Museum of fine arts: photos, description (Musee des Beaux Arts)

Museum of fine arts: photos, description (Musee des Beaux Arts)

Museum of fine arts is one of the many museums in the French city of Calais, located in the North of the country in the region Nord - Pas-de-Calais. This is the closest to England of the French settlement, the straight-line distance between the States is up to 34 kilometers. Kale is one of the largest ports of France. It is worth noting that, until 1558, the town belonged to England.

The Museum of fine arts is located in Rue Richelieu, near the picturesque Park Richelieu. Originally it consisted of two parts - one a large section was devoted to the history lace business in Calais. But since 2009, these two collections were separated, and opened a major Museum lace centre in another part of the city.

Now the Museum presents paintings by French, Flemish, Dutch and Italian artists, as well as many works of the Impressionists and post-Impressionists. Among the latter, notably eugène Boudin, the famous French artist and forerunner of impressionism who worked in the late nineteenth century. Still, the Museum houses the masterpiece of Pablo Picasso's painting "old Man" belonging to the late period of his work: it was written in 1970. Contemporary art is present here too.

It is separately necessary to speak about the exhibitions held in this Museum. One of them devoted to the work of the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin, a few years lived and worked in Calais. In the center of the city there is the sculptural composition of his authorship, "the burghers of Calais, completed in 1888.

The other exhibition is called "Alice in Wonderland" and dedicated to the literary world of the absurd, created by the great Lewis Carroll. Here are how modern installations, and vintage toys.