/ / Museum of fine arts in Beaune: photo description (Musee des Beaux Arts)

Museum of fine arts in Beaune: photo description (Musee des Beaux Arts)

Second opening of the Museum of fine arts in Beaune after an extensive renovation took place in summer 2012. And for the first time the Museum opened to the public in 1853, while construction began three years before the Grand opening.

The founder of the Museum was the collector Jules Way, sacrificed their own works of art. The Way Jules was also a librarian, and a Museum occupied the building of the former municipal library in the town hall, but now is in another building.

For more than half a century the Museum became the owner of the rich collection, the earliest items date back to the XII century, and the most recent - the beginning of XX century. Here you can see a small collection of archaeological finds, tapestries and even examine a few science exhibits, but the basis of the Fund consists of sculptural and pictorial works. It is particularly noteworthy collection of Burgundian sculpture of the middle Ages, paintings of local artists of the XIX century, painting "small Dutch. The Museum has several themed rooms, which is presented landscape painting, canvas Oriental nature, topics from the history and life of Bon.

The most valuable exhibits of the Museum recognized the painting "Before the crime" - part of a diptych by Jean-Baptiste Nemoza, which for several years was kept in the musée d'orsay of Paris and the wooden sculpture of the virgin and child, Dating from the XII-XIII centuries.

In addition, the Museum is temporarily stored exhibits other institution - Museum of étienne Jules Mare. This native of Beaune was an outstanding scientist and inventor - studied the physiology and experimented in the field of fixing images on film and the film. He is known as the founder of modern cardiology and the author of the first Podoroga.