/ / Museum of fine arts in chambéry: photo description (Musee des beaux-arts de Chambery)

Museum of fine arts in chambéry: photo description (Musee des beaux-arts de Chambery)

Museum of fine arts is one of the many museums in the French city of Chambery, located in the South-East of the country in the rhône - Alpes region. The settlement stands at a height of 270 meters above sea level and 9 kilometers away is the beautiful lake Bourget, surrounded by Alpine mountains. Previously, the city was the residence of the Dukes of Savoy, but in 1860 finally lost its independence and became part of France.

The first art gallery in the city opened in 1783 and was placed in the town hall. In the late nineteenth century, a wealthy philanthropist, bequeathed to the city his personal collection of paintings, which consisted of more than 200 paintings. Then it was decided to open the permanent Museum, as suitable for this building was chosen the old granary, has long served as the center of gathering of townspeople. The official opening of the Museum took place in 1889.

The Museum's collection is mostly devoted to Italian art of the XIV-XVIII centuries. The oldest exhibit is the altarpiece of the "Holy Trinity" was made by a Sienese master Bartolo di Fredi. Though most of the paintings are masterpieces of the Florentine painters, Neapolitan, Bolognese and Venetian school here, too. Among the famous Italian masters represented here, it is worth noting Paolo Uccello and the great Caravaggio, but there is no doubt that here are paintings drawn directly by him and not any of his disciples. Fine art relates mainly to the styles of the era of mannerism or Baroque. The Museum also houses works by French artists, but also pay attention to the spectacular mountain landscapes of the nineteenth century. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is quite often hosts temporary exhibitions of particular interest.