/ / Museum of fine arts and ceramics Museum: photos, description (Musee des beaux-arts et Musee de la ceramique de Rouen)

Museum of fine arts and ceramics Museum: photos, description (Musee des beaux-arts et Musee de la ceramique de Rouen)

Other attractions of Rouen is worth a visit two outstanding Museum of fine arts and ceramics.

The first of them is considered to be one of the best and largest in Normandy, and also has the status of a national Museum of France. And the second presents the history and products of the original local fishery - Rouen faience, which was delivered to the Royal court.

The Rouen Museum of fine arts is 60 halls of paintings, sculptures, graphics, and other products. It is located in a building that was built in the second half of the XIX century and is located in the historical center of the city. The Museum collection covers the period from the XV century to the current century. Here are not only the work of Norman and French painters, but the works of Italian masters, Flemish and Dutch. In addition, there is stored a unique collection of Orthodox icons, Dating from the XVI-XIX centuries.

Among the authors whose works are in the Museum of Rouen, a lot of famous names: Perugino and Veronese, Jean-honoré Fragonard and Hubert Robert, Ingres and Delacroix, Renoir, Degas and Sisley, and of course, a native of Rouen, Theodore Gericault, and others. Museum of fine arts of Rouen is most famous for its collection of impressionist paintings, and collections featuring art from the XVII and XIX centuries.

The local ceramics Museum is housed in a historic building that was built in the XVII century. In his collection - porcelain products factories, made in the XVI-XVIII centuries, among them there are really original and even exclusive things, but there are also quite utilitarian. Articles of earthenware is not only dishes, but also tiles, and even portraits on faience. One of the local masters, Mr. Abakan in the first half of the XVI century, took over the secrets in Faenza - a town, the name of which was the word "faience".

The Museum of ceramics are more than six thousand exhibits, and display cases for them is antique furniture. In addition to local products, here you can see the products and manufactures of other cities - Sevres, Lille, Nevers and even Dutch Delft.