/ / Fine arts Museum of Nantes: photo description (Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nantes)

Fine arts Museum of Nantes: photo description (Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nantes)

Museum of fine arts in Nantes was founded in the early nineteenth century and has since been considered one of the largest and best museums in France, outside Paris.

Since 1804, this Museum houses a unique collection of sculptures and paintings that were created from the XII century to the beginning of XX century. One of the floors of the Museum building dedicated to the works of French artists, or rather, representatives of modern art of the mid-twentieth century. In addition, the Museum presents works of the Impressionists, the Italian primitives and representatives of other artistic movements. Among the authors whose works are kept in the Museum of Nantes - Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Marc Chagall and Vasily Kandinsky.

And Chagall, and Kandinsky - both emigrated to France: Wassily Kandinsky in 1933 from Germany, and Marc Chagall in 1947 from the United States. Both artists created in France, outstanding works of art. Chagall painted the ceiling of the Opera Garnier in Paris that took him a whole year, and also created stained glass paintings for several churches - St. Stephen in Metz, Notre Dame in Reims and the Franciscan chapel in Sarrebourg. In the Museum at Nantes from the works of Marc Chagall was, for example, the painting "Red horse". The creative legacy of the wizard, as more clearly represented in the Museum of the artist in nice, which opened in 1973 on the initiative of the Minister and writer andré Malraux.

In the Museum of fine arts of Nantes holds several works by Vasily Kandinsky, among them "Three rectangles", "Green void", "Compensation rose" and others.