/ / The Museum of arts and crafts: photo, description Musee des arts et metiers)

The Museum of arts and crafts: photo, description Musee des arts et metiers)

The Museum of arts and crafts in Paris is the oldest technical museums in Europe. It is located in the building of the Church of Saint-Martin-des-Champs and is based, oddly enough, the same French revolution that destroyed so much.

In 1794, a supporter of civil rights and education, a member of the National Convention by the Abbe Gregoire submitted to the Convention the project of the establishment of the Conservatory of arts and crafts. In the opinion of the Abbot, the purpose of the Conservatory should be "the study and preservation of machinery and tools, drawings, and models... all available arts and crafts". The idea of the Temple of Progress seized the deputies.

The new institution received in his charge a great many private collections confiscated from former owners. To accommodate them required a large space, and by 1798 it was in the Parisian Church of Saint-Martin-des-Champs, thoroughly injured during the revolution. She was built even under Henry I, and rebuilt in different centuries, but has retained its Gothic style.

In 1802, when Napoleon, who highly valued science and technology, in an old Church opened the Museum of arts and crafts. Its peculiarity is that technological progress is continuously changing the exposure. During the XIX century, there appeared steam machines, forging and paper machine, the first aircraft. In the XX century in the halls came the cars, the electron microscope, the first computers. Then came the era of space exploration and robots.

In the nineties of the last century all expositions of the Museum was completely reorganized today, they seamlessly bring together the different technological era. Counting machine 1899 coexists here with the supercomputer, the famous Foucault pendulum with a mechanical "dinosaur" era of diesel and fuel oil. And all of them are buried under the strict Gothic arches of a medieval Church.

The Museum is part of the National high school of arts and crafts. Today it is one of the most prestigious French engineering schools, which prepares engineers, masters and PhD.