/ / Museum of the history of Russia: photos, description (Musee historique de l hydraviation)

Museum of the history of Russia: photos, description (Musee historique de l hydraviation)

The town of Biscarrosse is located in the French region of Aquitaine. It is surrounded by two large lakes Cazaux and Parentis, as well as direct access to the Atlantic ocean. In the Primorsky district of the city opened resort. Even here in the thirties of the XX century functioned seaplane base, in the place which is now a Museum of history of seaplanes.

The planes took off from the surface of the lake of Parentis, which then had a different name - Latemar. Initially, there was a database of postal aircraft. Interestingly, a pilot in one of them served himself Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a famous French writer who gave the world "the Little Prince". Soon the mail Aeropostal company merged with the renowned airline Air France, and there began to land even passenger planes. In the end, progress doesn't stand still, and the transatlantic seaplanes were driven by aviation, land-based, hence seaplane base in Biscarosse was closed.

The Museum at this place was founded in 1982. It is a mixture of pavilions and exhibitions in the open air. The Museum presents the whole history of aviation of the thirties of the XX century cities: includes not only photographs and documents, but these models and collection models of aircraft of that era, as well as a variety of authentic details that is of special interest to lovers of science and technology. Wishing as much detail as possible to delve into the world of hydroaviation are invited to a viewing of the documentary.

The Museum hosts frequent temporary exhibitions that are indirectly linked to the theme of flight. An interesting exhibition was dedicated to the advertising art of the early XX century - was presented, posters of the era. Another exhibition was shown breathtaking photos showing the bird's eye view on the Great Lake, located on the U.S. border with Canada.