/ / Museum of the history of Touraine in Tours castle: photos, description (Chateau de Tours)

Museum of the history of Touraine in Tours castle: photos, description (Chateau de Tours)

Touraine, a historical province, which for its fertile land was dubbed the "garden of France". This land also gave France a number of prominent figures such as writers honoré de Balzac and françois Rabelais, mathematician, and philosopher Rene Descartes, the famous psychiatrist étienne-Jean georget. Rabelais spent in Touraine his childhood, and Balzac liked to be in these places. History of Touraine and connected with the name of Joan of Arc, which instilled confidence in the Dauphin Charles VII, who was hiding in the castle of Chinon. Touraine is also famous for its winemaking traditions and ancient castles.

The history of this region is represented in the Museum, which is located in the castle Tours. It is located near the Cathedral of St. Gatien and is a recognized piece of architecture Carolingian. The first building constructed on the site of the castle was built in the second half of the IX century - the building was, for the most part, wooden. In the XI century, the castle changed owners, who rebuilt it in stone. One of the towers of the castle were named in honour of the fourth Duke of guise Charles I, who was her prisoner in 1591, but was able to escape from this prison. Charles I de guise was in the Prime of life - at the time of the escape he was only 20 years old, he later became Governor of Provence. The second tower was also a prison called "Secret dungeon".

The status of a historical monument was given to the castle in 1913. In the beginning of this century in its walls housed the aquarium with its many marine inhabitants, and not so long ago it opened the Museum, which houses exhibits on the past of Touraine, and a collection of contemporary art.