/ / The Museum of the surrender: photos, description (Musee de la Reddition)

The Museum of the surrender: photos, description (Musee de la Reddition)

On the night of 7 may 1945 in the building of the College of Reims, where the headquarters of General Dwight Eisenhower, signed the act of capitulation between representatives of Germany and the allies. The representative of the Soviet command were also present at this historic event, however, the Soviet Union insisted, to consider the Reims act of the provisional Protocol, and 9 may in Berlin was signed the final act of surrender.

Reims under the act of capitulation was signed by the allied generals Walter Bedell Smith, Francois Seveso, the representative of the Soviet General Ivan Susloparov and representatives of the German command, Admiral Friedeburg and General Alfred Jodl. In Berlin the act of surrender signed by the Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov.

Today in the building of this College, which is named after the American President Roosevelt, is a Museum of the German surrender, and the hall, where the signing of the preliminary Protocol, received the status of historical monument. The Museum in the walls of the College was opened only forty years after the signing of the surrender, the opening was timed to the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Protocol. More than two decades later, the Museum was completely reconstructed.

The Museum presents newspaper articles, documents, maps, photos of this event and last days of the Second world war. In a separate hall are exhibited the costumes of the participants and their personal belongings. Visitors to the Museum will also show a documentary about the signing of the act of unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. The duration of the movie is only about ten minutes, but his show in three languages - English, German and French.