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Museum of La pérouse: photo description (Musee Laperouse)

Jean-Francois de La Perouse, the famous Navigator and the officer of the Navy, was born in the suburbs of Albi in 1741, and spent his childhood and studied at the Jesuit College, which now bears his name. Then, after participating in several naval military campaigns and journeys in 80-e years settled in Albi and his wife Eleanor Brude, whom he met while traveling in India.

As the Explorer La Perouse made a great contribution to the study of the Pacific - through his observations were made more specific in the then existing card. The name La Perouse named the Strait between Sakhalin island and Hokkaido, another Museum, dedicated traveler, located in Sydney, Australia.

Albi Laperouse Museum was opened in 1988 in the former mills. It is located half a kilometer from the Cathedral and is located on the right Bank of the Tarna. The initiators of the Museum were made by the Association "La Perouse - Albi - France, which at that time was headed by doctor Pierre Amalric, and the city hall.

The first part of the Museum exposition tells about the family of Jean-Francois La Perouse and his career as an officer and a Navigator. Also here are materials and exhibits, on a voyage round the world La Perouse, in which he went in 1785 and which was the last one for the Navigator and the other members of the expedition. This journey was undertaken on behalf of king Louis XVI to clarify the data obtained by James cook, and the discovery of new lands. For three years the ships of La Perouse passed through the Pacific, stopping at Easter island and the Hawaiian Islands, visiting Alaska, the California coast, China, Kamchatka and Australia. In 1788, two frigates of the expedition - "the compass" and "Astrolabe" - during a storm crashed on the reefs near one of the Solomon Islands - Vanikoro. Traces of the lost expedition was discovered only in 1827, by an Irish sailor by Dillon.

In the Museum you can see the layout of the island, near which the ships were sunk La Perouse, models of ships, navigation equipment and weapons, as well as items found at the crash site. The second part of the Museum is dedicated to the other researchers of the Pacific ocean, roam its expanse before La Perouse - James cook and Louis Antoine de Bougainville.