/ / Museum magic: photos, description (Musee de la magie)

Museum magic: photos, description (Musee de la magie)

The Museum of magic in Paris - it is a private institution located in the vaulted cellar of the house where once lived the young Marquis de Sade. Small (three rooms), the Museum introduces visitors to the history of "magic", offering to enjoy the illusionists props: boxes with a secret, crooked mirrors, magic wands, hats, glasses that allow to see through clothes and other such devices.

Exposed the details for the once famous tricks - "soaring" (the body of the son of the magician seemed to hover above the ground), "magic chair" (assistant sat on it and disappeared), "sawing a woman" (the Museum has props for the first such trick and for later, when the pieces sawn table divorced in different directions). On display are old posters touting performances by famous magicians. A collection of optical illusions - in particular, the system of mirrors that allows you to enter a person's reflection inside the optical illusion. There is also a Museum of slot machines where you can explore more than a hundred machines, which are a cross between a mechanical toy and a work of art.

On certain days the Museum hosts magic show. Also there is a school of magic courses where you can learn some psychological techniques work with your audience and various tricks with cards, coins, rings, balls.

The Museum is not for everybody, and, in the opinion of tourists, not all leave happy. Some believe that the price of the ticket does not match the quality of the services the Museum is open every day, the room stuffy, small exhibition, the show is only in French, not all machines work. On the other hand, young children come to the delight of the show - they don't care what language it is, if the magician pulls out of hats a live rabbit. Adult, from childhood fond of tricks and illusions, too, can have fun.