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Musée Maillol: photos, description (Musee Maillol)

Musée Maillol gives you the opportunity to see not only the largest collection of works of Aristide Maillol, a distinguished French sculptor and painter, but also works by Cezanne, Degas, Ingres, Matisse, Picasso, Rodin, Kandinsky. Most of them Mayol, who has lived a very long life, was personally acquainted and friendly.

A native of the South of France, Mayol appeared in Paris and was engaged in the sculpture only at the age of forty. His first exhibition was visited by Rodin himself - and was delighted. Mayol received the blessing of the great master and went his own way: he sculpted a strong and quiet women, its plastic was simple and natural. In 1934 semidesyatiletiyu sculptor met fifteen-year-old girl from Chisinau Dina Vierny - she became his friend, Muse and model.

In the years of occupation and Give Mayol time to leave Paris and settled in the South, in Banyul-sur-Mer. Life here seemed almost normal, the sculptor worked. It is believed that Dina was helping people fleeing from the Nazis to flee to Spain "the path Maillol" through the Pyrenees. Meanwhile, in Paris, where the beginning of act Resistance, the Nazis launched the hunt for Jews. And when the Germans occupied the whole of France, over the Jewish Dina was in mortal danger.

Perhaps in the rescue of her played a role, the fact that the old Mayol has accepted the invitation to the opening of Paris exhibition the official sculptor of the Third Reich Arno Breker. Brecker wrote that at the request of Maillol he made by the chief of the Gestapo Muller the release of the arrested Dina. But after the Release of the sculptor was accused of collaboration. In September 1944 Aristide Maillol died in a car accident - there is a version that was attached to it hands one of the Resistance groups.

Everything and all works bequeathed Maillol Dina Vierny. In 1964, the Dean of the sculptures, which became known galeristka, donated to the French - they are installed in the garden of the Tuileries. It is elevated to the rank of commander of the Legion of honour. In 1995, the Foundation Dina Vierny have created in the old mansion of the Faubourg Saint-Germain musée Maillol. Here the area of more than four thousand square meters, located hundreds of sculptures of this artist, his paintings, prints, terracotta, works of applied art.

The Museum regularly hosts exhibitions of works by numerous artists and sculptors from different countries of the world.