/ / Museum on the Quai Branly, photo, description (Musee du quai Branly)

Museum on the Quai Branly, photo, description (Musee du quai Branly)

Museum on the Quai Branly is not an address, this is the official name of the Museum of primitive art of the peoples of Africa, Asia, Oceania and America.

But and address, of course. Opened in 2006 on the initiative of the French President, Jacques Chirac, was fond of Ethnography, the Museum is located on the Quai Branly, a few steps from the Eiffel tower. It is impossible to pass - it can be seen from afar: a huge plate-glass Windows and wall all covered with greenery. Mosses, flowers, vines. This is the famous vertical garden Patrick Blanc. On the wall mounted metal frame on it - polyamide layers that support the plant roots by capillary action from the top down flows the nutrient solution. Blanc, funny man with green hair, popularitywith vertical gardens around the world, the Branly Museum is one of his most famous projects. In winter the wind from the Seine sometimes damage the plants, but the rest of the time, the wall looks fantastic.

That part of the building not occupied by greenery, it is no less surprising: it is multicolored (mostly red-purple colours), stands on piles, and protrude from the sides of the parallelepipeds of different sizes. The building was designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel, and the garden in which it is located, is a landscape designer Gilles Clement. From the waterfront garden glass wall separates the 200 metres in length and 9 in height. For it is possible to enter and free to walk among the ponds and hills, to inhale the scent of exotic flowers and feel a little bit in the jungle.

It is strange to remember that there is much actual Museum. But it is worth a look, although from 300 thousand exhibits on display only 3500 (their change thought out several years in advance). Masks, figures, drums, tambourines, drums, carpets, hides, Tomahawks are all located in the hall without explanation and signs, at first glance, even haphazard. The meaning of this "unsystematic" clear - looking at the artifacts of another culture, the visitor inevitably begin to think, compare, think. However, on a collection of mummified heads of Maori warriors he did not think the Branly Museum had solemnly back 20 tattooed heads of New Zealand government which demanded long ago taken by the Europeans, the subjects of national culture.

The Museum has a multimedia library, a theatre and a restaurant overlooking the Seine and the Eiffel tower, where stunned tourists can finally recover.