/ / The Museum of Normandy: photos, description (Musee de Normandie)

The Museum of Normandy: photos, description (Musee de Normandie)

The Museum of Normandy - one of the museums located in the territory of Caen castle. It is located in the Western part, while to the East is the Museum of fine arts with a collection of European painting XV-XX centuries.

The Museum of Normandy "tells the story of the region through archaeological finds made around the castle and in the surroundings of Caen and ethnographic exhibits that shape the idea of traditional way of life of the Vikings, their way of life and crafts. The most interesting and fully presented in the Museum period a Gallo-Roman presence and the middle Ages. Among exhibits - the ancient tools and antique jewelry from glass, furniture, utensils, traditional costumes.

This Museum was opened in the second half of the last century, a few years after the end of the Second world war, but the castle, he moved in 1963. The castle he is building, called the Governor's Palace, built in the XIV century.

Guests of Cana, in addition to touring the museums, should pay attention to the lock. It was of great importance, as defended the city as a fortress and was the residence of the Duke of Normandy, the future king of England of William the Conqueror, who built it in the XI century. Kahn himself became a city and the capital of Normandy by the will of William the Conqueror. The construction of the castle continued after his death, the son of Henry I. the castle complex has several surviving buildings is the Church of St. George, rebuilt in the XVI century, the Treasury, built in the XI century and is therefore recognized as one of the city's oldest buildings of secular purpose. Walls surrounding the castle were built in XII-XIV centuries. Since the middle Ages in the castle of the cultivated herb garden with herbs that were used at that time in the kitchen and in medicine. The status of historical monument château de Caen has, since the nineteenth century.