/ / Museum Orbigny-Bernon: photos, description (Musee d'orbigny Bernon)

Museum Orbigny-Bernon: photos, description (Musee d'orbigny Bernon)

On the streets of La Rochelle, and you can see many beautiful mansions that once belonged to rich ship-owners, merchants and factory owners. One of them is a private mansion which was owned by the family d Orbigny-Bernon. The building was built in the late XIX century. The head of the family led the firm, which is engaged in shipping, then he headed the chamber of Commerce, and even served as mayor of La Rochelle. After his death, the family members handed over the building to the city, and in 1921 there was opened the Museum.

The Museum is dedicated to the history of the city, which was founded as a seaport in the days of the knights Templar, and then became a place of battles, known in the history of France (for example, the siege of La Rochelle and its capture in 1628 Louis XIII's troops during the struggle with the Huguenots).

Museum galleries are located on four floors of the building, you can see the historical plans of La Rochelle, including those which have not been implemented on city streets, paintings, local dishes of porcelain, tapestries, furniture. Also the goods arrived in La Rochelle by sea from other countries - for example, imported from Japan and China engravings, costumes, porcelain and other exhibits.

In the years of world war II, La Rochelle was occupied by fascist troops around the Germans built a bunker for submarines. From the occupied French cities of La Rochelle was liberated from the invaders in the last instance - may 8, 1945. This period in the city's history is also represented in the Museum, and familiarity with him begins at its doorstep. In front of the building there is an armoured vehicle of world war II.