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Museum Hotel-gouin: photos, description of Hotel Gouin)

Museum Hotel-gouin - one of the many attractions of the ancient French city of tours, the modern administrative centre of the Indre and Loire. In ancient times it was known under the name Caesarodunum (translated from Latin - "Hill of Caesar"), and since IV century the city is inextricably linked with the Holy Martin, Archbishop of Tours. After his death, the Tour was a major religious centre all over Europe. And 1461 more than a hundred years the Tour was the capital of France.

Despite the fact that the city was largely destroyed during the many wars - first the Franco-Prussian of 1870-1871 years, and then in the two world; almost all of the old buildings were recovered. One of these buildings is the Hotel gouin is an elegant mansion built in the XV century. It is believed that originally it belonged to the merchant, grown rich on the silk trade. Interestingly, the house is built on a Foundation that dates back to the Gallo-Roman period in the city's history.

The building has elaborate decorated facade. In the XVI century it was complemented by a porch and a loggia, and the left wing was redone in the style of the Early Renaissance.

The mansion is named in honor of the gouin family of Breton bankers who purchased the house in 1738. They made many reforms - expanded the territory, demolishing several old buildings, built entrance gate and equipped with a balcony overlooking the backyard.

In 1944 during the Second world war the house was nearly destroyed, remained intact, only the main facade of the building. Reconstruction was completed in 1950, while failed to recover the Northern courtyard and garden.

As previously, it housed the city's archaeological society, now there is the archaeological Museum. However, in his collection you can also find the masterpieces of medieval religious art XII-XIII centuries, formerly in the now abolished monasteries.