/ / Museum of hunting and nature: photo, description Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature)

Museum of hunting and nature: photo, description Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature)

The Paris Museum of hunting and nature is a phenomenon, perhaps unique: in an age of environmental crisis he talks about the ancient art of hunting, preserving the balance between nature and man.

The Museum collection is based on collection of hunting and nature based awesome couple Francois and Jacqueline Sommer. A passionate and skilled hunter, Francois Somme began to collect books on the ancient hunting before the Second world war. During the war the library was lost. After the war, married to Jacqueline, the Somme gained a tireless assistant that works with him picked up a new collection of hunting weapons, rare books, paintings. In 1967, these findings were open to the public.

Now the Museum has more than six thousand items. Three thousand of them, principal - private collection couples the Somme, for which the Museum has become a matter of life. In 1964, with the support of andré Malraux, writer and Minister of culture in the government of de Gaulle, they started to repair the mansion Gemena, which became the headquarters of the Foundation of hunting and nature. Here is the Museum.

Brilliant gun, françois Somme has managed to accumulate an extremely representative collection of ancient copies, bows, crossbows, knives. An important part of the exhibition is firearms, from musket and muskets to high-tech hunting rifles nowadays. Part of his exhibition (a collection of George Polak) sent to the Paris army Museum, recognizing the merits of the spouse of the Somme in the preservation of the hunting art.

Today the mansion Gemena is a section of the Museum called "Art and hunting". Another section, "the image of the animal is in a nearby mansion Mangels. These buildings are interesting in themselves, in the first place Gemena mansion, built in 1651-1655, by the famous architect Francois Mansart, and has been preserved almost intact.

In the halls of mansions and hunting weapons of all eras and peoples, hunting trophies, works of art. Here are exhibited the works of Rubens, Lucas Cranach, the Snyders, Chardin. And next is the interior of the cabins of the couple of the Somme.