/ / Museum of underwater archaeology: photos, description (Musee d'archeologie sous-marine)

Museum of underwater archaeology: photos, description (Musee d'archeologie sous-marine)

The area in which is located a small resort town Saint-Raphael, has been inhabited since ancient times. This is evidenced by the exhibits at the city's archaeological Museum. His full name - the Museum of prehistory and underwater archeology. A large part of the preserved artifacts were raised from the sea bottom.

Underwater studies were conducted in several nearby districts, and brought quite a rich "catch" amphora, created in V century BC, bronze ornaments, old vehicles, used for dives, including suit diver, 1926. In the Museum you can also see the layout of a Roman ship in which the ancient ship is recreated with stunning accuracy. The continuation of the Museum exhibition is located behind its walls, the surrounding garden. Here are the naval guns of the XVIII century, which were also raised from the seabed in the wreck of the Russian ship "Glory to Russia", which sank near Saint-raphaël in 1780. In the same garden the remains of the city fortifications - bulk earthworks.

The Museum occupies a historic building in one of the old quarters of the city. It belonged to the knights Templar and was also known as the Church of Saint-Pierre. The first Church building was built in the XII century, and the form that travelers can see today was created in the XVIII century. During the construction of the Church, the architects tried to combine in one building two functions - religious and defensive, so in the guise of the Church can easily notice the features of the fortifications, for example, the watchtower. The main danger, which was to protect the Church-fortress was the pirates.