/ / Museum of fakes: photos, description (Musee de la Contrefacon)

Museum of fakes: photos, description (Musee de la Contrefacon)

In Paris, there is an unusual place, like a Museum of fakes. Counterfeiting what? All!

The Museum is located on the ground floor of an elegant mansion of the XIX century, created by French producers Union in 1951, since then, the exposition is constantly updated and improved.

The majority of the French believes the counterfeit is just a game with the police, nothing. Meanwhile, the growing market of counterfeits France costs 38 thousand jobs and 6 billion euros annually. To show the public the danger of fraud, and a Museum.

He started with fake canned fish and thread spools. Now in the exposition of many modern household items - mobile phones, knives, lighters, razors, pens. Is wax mannequin, from head to toe dressed in ugly clothes with the labels of famous manufacturers. Shoppers can compare fake and original products and to know on what grounds it is possible to distinguish between them. Sometimes counterfeiters change the letter in the title or subject here on the shelf perfume Hugo and Vigo is very similar bottle. Or a jar of coffee, packaging of detergents, ketchup, beer, Barbie dolls, software, sunglasses, t-shirts, CDs...

The exhibition tells how counterfeiting is dangerous and fake drugs and spare parts for cars and airplanes, toys can contain flammable materials, toxic substances or small parts, sunglasses protect eyes from the sun and electrical appliances can kill.

In the new wing of the Museum the fake statues of Rodin, Dali and Giacometti, with a description of the methods of forgery, such as the use of acid and wax for aging of bronze.

The gem of the collection is an amphora of about 200 BC in such were transporting wine from Italy to Gaul. Tube at amphora fake (this is near), and, therefore, wine was not high quality .