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The Museum Paul Dupuy: photos, description, Musee Paul-Dupuy)

This Museum in Toulouse is named after its founder, philanthropist and collector Paul Dupuis. For the organization of this Museum, he bought a house Besson - the building owned by the city attorney. The Museum opened in the early twentieth century: in 1905, Mr. Dupuy moved their collections on the acquired premises.

The collection of this Museum includes a large collection of decorative and applied arts and a collection of graphics and other exhibits. The oldest items in the collection were created in the middle Ages, and the age of the youngest acquisitions and has not for a hundred years - complete the Museum collection exhibits created in the first half of the twentieth century.

Part of the exhibition devoted to the history and crafts of the Languedoc. The Field Museum Dupuis can be seen fully restored medieval pharmacy, which belonged to the Jesuits in the early XVII century, furniture, utensils, traditional costumes, as well as works created by local craftsmen out of iron, glass, metal. We should also mention the collection of antique clocks and watches, numbering 130 mechanisms, subjects of Church utensils and collection of jewelry imported from China. Graphic works stored in the Museum belong to the artists from Toulouse and Languedoc.

In Toulouse the Field Museum Dupuis is close to place Saint-étienne and the eponymous Cathedral, built in the XVI century.