/ / The Museum of lost things: a photo, a description (Musee du Service des Objets Trouves)

The Museum of lost things: a photo, a description (Musee du Service des Objets Trouves)

The Museum of lost things, judging by the name, must be one of the strangest places in Paris. However, this is small and not always open to the public, the Museum shows great work very important unit of the Metropolitan police service of found objects. Simply put, this Bureau finds that it is the largest in Europe and one of the oldest in the world - he is 200 years old.

What usually lose people? Glasses, keys, phones? Not only. People lose everything - bags, suitcases, clothes, camcorders, cameras, laptops, musical instruments, ID. They leave their things everywhere - in transport, stores, hotels, restaurants, just drop in the streets. Especially there are scattered tourists.

All lost and found flock in the lost and found on the street Morillon in the XV district. Every day Parisians compassionate way to thousands of the recovered items, and police officers take them in, register, klassificeret and trying to track down owners. In anticipation of the owners stuff is on the racks in the basement area of 400 square meters - a series of umbrellas, backpacks, packs passport, books, toys, individual bags of jewelry, they too often lose. Staff lost and found have nothing surprised - they brought the gold bars, live lobsters and urns.

Lost documents or personal papers return free, things have to pay depending on their value.

The actual Museum is a shelf with unusual objects, whose owners never showed up. Some of the exhibits are stored for more than two centuries. Among them are funny, and there are exotic: a prosthetic leg, a human skull, medal, wedding dress, officer's overcoat, sword in sheath, helmet fire. One is forced to wonder why these things did not come with the owners? But the weight of unclaimed roll of copper (more than 100 pounds) leads one to suspect that it is not forgotten, and thrown away, so as not to overstrain.

People lose the most unusual and strange things. It is not always trivial keys or glasses. One of the largest lost and found offices in the world is located in Paris. Here every day from all corners of the capital good people bring found objects. Over the 200-year history of the service filled a huge store things that have not found the owners. Many of them have become exhibits of one of the most amazing Parisian attractions — the Museum of lost things. The building is located in the 15th district of Paris On Morillon street.

Tourists-one of the most dispersed people. Going for impressions, they constantly leave something on a place of the former dislocation. It can be cameras, umbrellas, hats. And how many in hotels of forgotten documents! If you have lost something in Paris, you have the option to detect the loss - service found items working properly for two hundred years.

The staff of the local lost and found office, where The Museum of lost and found in Paris is located, take daily from citizens finds, register them, carry on the classification system, if possible, try to find the owners. The vault of lost things is located in the basement, the size of which is 400 squares.

"Exposition" of the Museum of lost things

Here not only small ladies ' handbags lined up in a row, large suitcases, backpacks and bags. Umbrellas have no number, as well as books, dolls and soft toys. And if the documents have all chances to find the owner, the unnamed "losers" the probability of returning to the hands of the owner is often zero. But the responsible employees of the Bureau make every effort to search. Even if it's a burial urn with ashes or a living lobster.

For jewelry and other valuables in a separate place. Employees were told that they were brought even entire bars of gold. If the lost thing was found in the Bureau, its owner, after confirming that it is the owner, you need to make a small amount for the services. Free return of personal documents and other official papers.

In the Museum of lost things in Paris on the shelves are items that have not been able to find the owners. There are things here that are about two hundred years old. Some are simply amazing. Well, how do you lose a prosthetic leg and not notice? Some bride apparently specifically got rid of the wedding dress, which only remains that decorate the Museum window. That skull on display, but once it was the head. Army uniform, a firefighter helmet from the last century, a roll of copper that weighs more than a hundred kilograms. If you have lost something in Paris, carefully inspect the shelves of the Museum of lost things.