/ / Postal Museum: photo description (L'adresse Musee de La Poste)

Postal Museum: photo description (L'adresse Musee de La Poste)

The establishment of a postal Museum in Paris philatelists discussed in the second half of the XIX century, in the heyday of that institution. In 1939 even started fundraising for the project was issued a special charity stamp with a painting by Fragonard "Love letter". But the Museum was opened after the Second world war, in 1946.

It is located in the lively district of Montparnasse, Boulevard de Vaugirard, in a modern building with an impressive façade, it was designed by the architect andré Chatelain. Visitors to the Museum take the Elevator to the fifth floor and during the tour, gradually descending in a spiral at first.

Mail - the invention of ancient. In the Museum you can see the stages of its formation: from the transmission of messages by runners and horse couriers to postage stamps and mail art. It is interesting to follow the development of technology: under Henry III, the postal service began to carry not only letters, but also passengers - with a precisely defined schedule and a fee, in 1760, entered the mail delivery to the house. During the French revolution, Claude chappe creates his own optical Telegraph, which soon covered the entire territory of France (and successfully provided communication over large distances before the invention of the electric Telegraph). From 1830 to 1890, the French mail is undergoing a period of great reforms: service penetrates to the tiny village, the cost of services is uniform, for example, England introduced a postage stamp. Lastly, the shipping is dramatically accelerated with the aid of steamships, trains, airplanes.

In the Museum - samples of the postmen of all ages, mail coach, extant Telegraph machines Morse. On a special simulator, you can practice in the transmission of telegraphic messages. In the hall of airmail exhibited models of specialized aircraft.

A special and very popular section devoted to the postage stamp. In a separate kiosk to buy latest edition of stamps of France, Monaco, Andorra and the European Union.

Mail France, and now in the Internet era, a modern, properly operating state Institute. The Museum collection is constantly updated.