/ / Museum President: photos, description (Musee du This de Saintes)

Museum President: photos, description (Musee du This de Saintes)

French town St is located in the seaside district of the Poitou - Charentes region, West of the centre of the country. Previously, there was a major Gallic settlement. Overall, the city has preserved much medieval architecture, but more buildings were heavily damaged or even completely destroyed during the religious wars of the XVI century. Later, in the seventeenth century was produced a massive building elegant villas and mansions. In addition, the historical period is and house President - building, which now houses the eponymous Museum, which houses a collection of paintings. He stands in the street Victor Hugo (rue Victor Hugo), in the heart of the Old town, in the vicinity of the former Episcopal residence.

The building is executed in style of Late Renaissance. This house belonged to the chief bailiff of the city, governing Presidium - local higher legal authority, which was abolished after the French revolution. In 1919, the building received the status of a monument of history and architecture of the country.

It should be noted that the first fine arts Museum was established in the city in 1864, but he was located in another building. The house President the Museum moved only a hundred years later, in 1967.

In the Museum's collection includes paintings of French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Flemish artists of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Especially noteworthy is one of the oldest paintings in the Museum's collection - "Allegory of Earth", written by the Jan Brueghel the Elder, great Flemish artist of the early XVII century. This work dates from the year 1615.

The Museum is exquisitely decorated with antique furniture. Also exhibited here is amazing ceramics XIV-XIX centuries and other objects of decorative art.