/ / Museum guns: photos, description (Musee des canonniers)

Museum guns: photos, description (Musee des canonniers)

Museum of guns is one of the many museums in the French city of Lille, located in the North of the country in the region Nord at the border with Belgium. Lille is the center of the textile industry in France, and its population including all suburbs exceeds one million people.

Guns Museum is housed in the former convent of the sisters of Clarissa near two major urban stations. The Museum collection devoted to the military history of Lille. Many of the exhibits have belonged to the local military battalion known as the Brotherhood of St. Barbara. It lasted over three hundred years - it was founded in 1483 and ceased to exist as a result of the French revolution. However, Napoleon Bonaparte restored the battalion and its activities were resumed in 1803.

The battalion defended the city during the siege by the Royal troops of Louis XIV in the XVII century. The king was impressed by the courage of these soldiers and conferred upon them many privileges.

In the XVIII century, Lille was besieged twice, in 1708 and 1792. Napoleon, too, have left their heroism without attention and generously endowed battalion, sacrificing him immediately two powerful guns - both of them are now exhibited in this Museum. In addition to these, here are other weapons, including guns, beginning in 1777 and ending with the artillery weapons that were used during the Second world war. By the way, the battalion of St. Barbara participated in both world wars, especially showing itself in the fighting at Dunkirk.

Also in the Museum you can admire the uniforms of the various military ranks and completely immerse themselves in the daily life of a typical French soldier fighting on the front lines. Still here are various photos and documents related to various historical epochs.