/ / The Museum of Pierre Corneille: a photo, description Musee Pierre Corneille)

The Museum of Pierre Corneille: a photo, description Musee Pierre Corneille)

Father of French tragedy, Pierre Corneille is highly respected in his hometown, a native of Rouen. On the square in front of the theatre a monument to the famous poet and playwright, born in Rouen in 1606 and lived here for more than half a century, and then moved to Paris, and there ended his days.

In the native house of Pierre Corneille, situated near the Old market square, was organized by the Museum. It contains first editions of his plays, recreates the atmosphere of a study of a playwright, also submitted documents pertaining to the biography and works of Corneille, furniture. It is believed that the interiors of this Museum recreated not only the situation in which the writer lived together with his family, but also the atmosphere of the reign of Louis XIII (first half of XVII century). In the Museum you can also see the layout of the Old market square and find out what she looked like in the time of Corneille.

The Museum was opened in a three-storey half-timbered mansion in 1921. The building itself was built in the XVI century. Its walls, except for the great Corneille, saw another genius of French literature and drama, the famous playwright Jean-Baptiste Moliere, calling to his colleague.

In Rouen the name of Pierre Corneille is also the College in which the future playwright attended. After graduating from College, Corneille learned the basics of law, served as counsel and attorney, but was interested in poetry and writing plays. In Rouen was created many of his works - "Melita", "Medea", "CID", "Horace" and others. Some pieces were written in imitative manner, and even admitted the weak, Corneille also had a hand in the writing of comedies and even achieved some success in this. However, despite the failure of the first experiments, the contribution of Corneille in literature and the development of the national theatre is a significant and very meaningful.