/ / The Reattu Museum: photos, description Musee Reattu)

The Reattu Museum: photos, description Musee Reattu)

The Reattu Museum not only bears the name of one of the famous natives of Arles and keeps his creativity, but also is the dream of Jacques Reattu - the truth embodied after his death.

Jacques Reattu was born in Arles in 1760 and was the illegitimate son of one aristocrat and sister of the artist. The father, however, gave him an education and then funded his training at the Royal Academy of arts in Paris. As the painter Jacques Reattu was a representative of the revolutionary classicism. Part of his life he spent in Italy and Paris, then returned to his native city and likely around 15 years of age are not engaged in the work, at least, know nothing about it. But the Reattu acquired in Arles, a historic building once belonged to the Templars, worked in it and I wanted to create in Arles society of artists, and in this building to host their workshops. A similar idea in the late nineteenth century harbored Vincent van Gogh, but he has to realize it failed.

The Museum was opened in the mansion in 1868, 35 years after the death of Jacques Reattu. The artist's works now form the basis of the Museum's permanent exhibition, which occupies 12 halls. You can see his paintings, projects, the collection of paintings collected by the Reattu. Here are stored, for example, six grisaille - work performed the Reattu different shades of the same color. Also included in the exhibition paintings by his friends and family.

Besides the Reattu, in the permanent exhibition includes works of Pablo Picasso, who visited the Arles and donated to the city some of his paintings. Picasso's works occupy three of the Museum hall. The Museum also presents works of other artists of the XVII-XIX centuries, in one of the halls hosts exhibitions of photographers. In 2008, the Museum presented the work of the famous couturier Christian Lacroix.

In Arles, the Museum is located on the embankment of the Rhone.