/ / Rodin Museum: photos, description (Musee Rodin)

Rodin Museum: photos, description (Musee Rodin)

In the Rodin Museum, located on two sites in Paris and the Paris suburb of MEUDON, contains the largest collection of works by the great sculptor. The Paris Museum is located in the Biron mansion is a true architectural gem in the style rocaille.

The mansion was built in the 30th years of the XVIII century for a wealthy financier de Mora. The building project was created under the supervision of the Royal architect Jean Aubert. Located on the border of Paris, the house was simultaneously urban and suburban. After the death of Mora, the estate was bought by the future Marshal Biron. It has a lot area of three acres, and a garden in this area is still considered one of the most beautiful in Paris. Then the owners changed several times.

In 1904, the mansion was again put up for sale and waiting for a buyer was rented. Among the tenants were Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau, Isadora Duncan. In 1908 Auguste Rodin rented mansion four rooms on the first floor - facing South, with exit to the terrace, to use as a Studio. A wild garden like Rodin, and he set among trees some of my work and part of the collection of antique sculpture.

In 1911, the mansion was sold to the state for the needs of the Ministry of national education. Rodin did not want to leave his beloved home and offered the government a deal: "I give the state all my works in plaster, marble, bronze and stone and my pictures, and a collection of antique sculptures... And I ask the government to keep these collections in the Biron mansion, which will be the musée Rodin, leaving me the right to live there for life."

France has taken this step, but to live in a mansion favorite Rodin did not stay long: he died in 1917. Two years later, the Rodin Museum was officially opened.

The Museum houses 6,600 sculptures, 8,000 drawings, 6,000 works of art of antiquity, 8000 old photographs as well as paintings by Monet, van Gogh and Renoir from the personal collection of Rodin. Here are exhibited the most famous works of the sculptor "the Kiss", "the burghers of Calais, the Gates of hell" and of course "the Thinker" sitting in his famous posture in the impressive gardens of the Biron mansion. You can sit down on a bench and think about life.