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Museum Rolen: photos, description (Musee Rolin)

In the XIV-XV centuries in Autun lived one of the most eminent citizens of Nicolas Rolin. Autun was his hometown, it Rolen has lived all his life, from 1376 till the year 1462. Nicolas Rolin was used by kings Jean the Fearless and Philip the Good, and achieved the position of Chancellor of Burgundy, which consisted of about forty years.

In addition, wealthy Rolen was known as a generous philanthropist and supported artists, however, not entirely disinterested - he ordered their paintings, which depicted biblical personalities in the company of Relena. This method of support was called donatorstvo, and philanthropist, depicted on canvas, by the donor. It was a pretty common practice among the rich and noble who wanted to capture for history.

Nicolas Rolin was depicted thus on several paintings, the most famous being "Madonna of the Chancellor Rolena", painted by Jan van Eyck in 1435, and "Christmas with a portrait of Chancellor Rolena" created by the artist known under the pseudonym "Molinski master". "Madonna" Nicolas Rolin ordered for the Church of Notre-Dame-du-châtel in Autun, which during the revolution was burned. The picture was saved, and she was in the Louvre. The second pattern can be seen in otiscom Museum which is located in the former home of Chancellor and bears his name.

Rolen Museum dedicated to the art and history of Burgundy, here are kept works by local artists and archaeological finds. The history of Autun here are since its Foundation by Emperor Augustus. In a separate part of the exhibition displays numerous objects of the Roman era, including amphorae and tombstones.

Paintings and other works of art, including paintings Melinskogo masters presented in the exhibition, which is devoted to the middle Ages.