/ / Museum of the Savoy: photo description (Musee savoisien)

Museum of the Savoy: photo description (Musee savoisien)

In all regions of France have their own local museums. In Chambery is one of them, dedicated to the history and traditions of the Savoy region, a historical province, the former Duchy and the former part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Part of France, Savoy included only in 1860.

The Museum is located in the square Lannoy de Bissy, next to the theatre building Charles Dullea, named after the famous actor, born in Savoy. The theater was opened in 1824, and after about forty years the building was rebuilt in the Italian style. This happened after the great fire, from which the theatre building was badly damaged. Near the Museum and Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis Sal, famous for its wall paintings in the genre of "trompe l'oeil".

Museum of the Savoy was opened in 1913, it was dedicated one of the buildings of the former monastery of the Franciscans. In addition to exhibits, the Museum is a memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Second world war.

In the collection of the Museum houses a variety of exhibits - from farm tools to the fragment of rare wall paintings of the XIII century, which was created by the special conditions of storage: space with regulation. On the fragment you can see the scenes of battles and scenes from court life. The Museum presents paintings, including works of the XV century primitive folk art painted wooden sculpture, found in village churches, furniture, sleds and skis, stove, decorated with tiles, slate, archaeological finds and much more.