/ / Salvador Dali Museum: photos, description (Espace Dali)

Salvador Dali Museum: photos, description (Espace Dali)

Paris, the Salvador Dali Museum in Montmartre - France's biggest collection of works by the surrealist. There are about three hundred of his works - paintings, sculptures, original art prints.

The Spaniard (in Spain it is considered a Catalan) Salvador Domenech Felip Jacint Dali Domenech, Marquis de Pubol is one of the great masters of the XX century. Paris he had a decade of creativity, close communication with such geniuses as Pablo Picasso and buñuel, and the love of his life - his wife Gala (Elena Dyakonova, ex-wife of poet Paul Eluard).

Arriving in Paris for the first time in 1926, is highly prone to provocation, and the outrageous Salvador Dali has joined the Metropolitan Bohemians. In 1929 he joined the surrealist group of andré Breton. Seven years later, after coming to power in Spain Caudillo Franco, the artist fell out with the group, standing on the left position. When he was expelled from the community, Dali said: "Surrealism - it's me." And it was true.

Dali lived and worked in France, Spain, USA. His controversial work has evolved: visiting Italy, he turned to academia, although the leaf was still full of surreal fantasies. In 1965, he returned to Paris again conquered the city the brilliant work and insane actions. He was walking along the Champs Elysees anteater on a chain, shot a quirky short films, developed commodity brands, drew a wrapper for Chupa Chups.

Dali Museum was opened in 1991 with the support of the mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac and Minister of culture Jacques lang. Every year the Museum was Given space attracts more than 150 thousand tourists and Parisians.

The collection of the Museum are the sculptures and engravings by the genius of surrealism. Here is exhibited a complete set of engravings by the master, signed by him personally. The local collection of his sculptures is one of the most complete. Exhibited, for example, skillfully executed "Space elephant" incredible proportions.

Universal lexicographer, Gave a special interest in literature, religion, mythology. The Museum presents a series of his work "Moses and monotheism", as well as numerous illustrations to the Bible and classical works - "Alice in Wonderland", "Romeo and Juliet", "don Quixote", to the tales of La Fontaine (graphics, looks like children's watercolor). Strong impression is made of the sculpture of special glass with inside frozen air bubbles. Constant attention of the visitors enjoyed the famous Dali anthropomorphic furniture: red leather sofa, mimicking the shape of lips, the infamous star of Broadway Mae West, trimmed with unique pink satin sofa "Vis".

Inspection of works takes place in the shadows and is accompanied by phantasmagoric music and the voice of the master himself. In addition to permanent exhibition there are theme exhibitions, allowing you to explore the facets of his talent: Dali and fashion, holograms of the painter, his jewelry.

Is in the Museum workshops, where the world of the great surrealist younger. Dali created his animal sculptures as if from the designer. During the master class at the Museum children invent their own imaginary animals, inspired by the example Given, and sculpt self-portraits and creating collages.

The Dali Museum is somewhat similar to the master himself: he is bright, flamboyant and theatrical.