/ / Musée St-Croix: photo, description Musee Sainte-Croix)

Musée St-Croix: photo, description Musee Sainte-Croix)

St. Croix is an art Museum in Poitiers, one of the largest in France. Its name he received in memory of the Abbey of the Holy cross, which was on this place. It was a nunnery, founded in the first half of the VI century Holy Radegunde, which in life was the wife of the Frankish king Clotaire the First, and after the canonization of the inhabitants of Poitiers recognized her patron Saint of the city. Radegunde Holy relics rest in the Church, which was built in XI-XV centuries and consecrated in her name.

Musée St-Croix is a modern building, built in the second half of the XX century by the architect Jean Monge in the then popular French style of raw concrete. When the building authorities of the city and the builders took into account the historical importance of the land on which it stands is part of the archaeological finds recovered prior to the construction of the Museum, and the rest would have remained mothballed.

This Museum contains works of fine art, the oldest of which date back to Gallo-Roman times, and the most recent was created in the last century. Among the masters whose works are in the Museum of Poitiers, sculptors Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel, the painters Alfred Sisley, Max Ernst and Pierre Bonnard. Rodin and Claudel were not only colleagues on the art, but unofficially was in a relationship. Rodin has devoted his student, model, Muse and mistress of some of his works, one of which is kept in the Museum of St. Croix, and her work was the influence of Rodin.

In the Poitiers Museum of fine arts St. Croix is located close to Cathedral of St. Peter.