/ / Museum of modern and contemporary art, Le musee d'art Moderne et d'art Contemporain)

Museum of modern and contemporary art, Le musee d'art Moderne et d'art Contemporain)

Museum of modern and contemporary art in nice is quite young - it was opened in 1990. However, the plans to establish such a Museum was built in the mid-twentieth century.

A first draft of a rework of already existing gallery was supported by a Henri Matisse, but life is embodied. Then it was supposed to attach to the Historical Museum in the Palace Massena modern wing, but the project was abandoned, and the place had been ... However, the idea was in the air - after the success of the French artistic movement "New realism" became clear that the Museum of modern art needed, and it is nice (here was born one of the founders of new realism-Yves Klein).

The Museum was created with financial support from the state. The architects Yves Bayard and Henri Vidal developed an unusual building project. It consists of four thirty-metre high towers, whose smooth, reflective facades of Carrara marble have no Windows. The towers are connected by glass walkways. Nine halls for exhibitions with a total area of 4 thousand square meters located on three levels: on the first house temporary exhibitions on the second and third permanent collection.

Stored here represent the various currents of avant-garde art, starting from 1960-ies up to our days. Of course, widely represented new realist Yves Klein (the Museum has twenty of his works), Cesar, Christo, Francois Dufresne, gérard Deschamps, and many others. Exhibited works of the pillars of American pop art - Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, as well as abstract art - Kenneth knowland, Larry of Punch, Frank Stella, Olivier Mosse, Martin Barr. Of minimalists here, for example, Sol Le Witt and Richard Serra. In addition, there you can see the work of the fauves, German and Italian avant-garde, as well as examples of ironic and naive art, comics, graffiti.

Even if you don't feel special love to the modern art, it is still worth to visit this free Museum in order to climb to the top. Terraces on the roofs of the towers always attract visitors. There is a small pretty garden, but not only that: with terraces opening out to magnificent views of mountains, town and sea.