/ / The Museum of modern art: photos, description (Lieu d'art et Action contemporaine)

The Museum of modern art: photos, description (Lieu d'art et Action contemporaine)

The Museum of modern art - one of the most important museums in the region Nord - Pas-de-Calais, located in the North of France. It is located in the city of Dunkirk, formerly belonging to Flanders. It is a major port on the coast of the English channel, is known from 1067. In the XVII century during the Dunkirk fought several powerful European States: France, England, Holland and Spain. The city was badly damaged during the Second world war, and therefore of the authentic buildings here are almost gone.

The Museum was founded in the early 70-ies of XX century by Gilberte a Dilena, a person who is very far from the world of art. This simple engineer, reading magazines, discovered his love for art and have made every effort to gather a collection of works by various artists - his contemporaries. This Association was established in 1974, and in 1982 Dilen have acquired a little less than a thousand paintings and other works of art. It was also built the Museum building, and around it was a Park of great interest as it is decorated with modern sculptures.

Due to disagreements with the city authorities, the Museum was forced to close in 1997, but ten years later it was re-opened. In addition, his collection was greatly increased in size, which contributed to the funds of the region as well as other modern art museums, including the famous Paris's Pompidou Center, also known as "Beaubourg".

Now the Museum features more than 1500 different items, illustrates living and constantly evolving world of contemporary art. The work exhibited here, made not earlier than in the forties of the XX century. The Museum is located in a scenic, surrounded by greenery, the area away from the bustle of the city and close to cosy beach.